Launched in 2019 BRAINSCRIBE program offers a vast collection of visual-motor training workbooks with thousands of pen-and-paper activities ​and tasks.

BRAINSCRIBE tasks address cognitive developmental needs of CHILDREN


According to neuroscience visual-motor excercises create functional connections among visual and motor brain regions, and improve visual-motor integration (see more on Science Behind Brainscribe). Brainscribe program offers a large collection from which educational experts and parents can choose challenging tasks and activities for their children.

...and help in retaining of cognitive sharpness in SENIORS


To serve the needs of the ageing population BRAINSCRIBE Senior collection addresses seniors who enjoy solving visual-motor tasks, as well as for those who need such training to retain/improve their visual-motor integration.


BRAINSCRIBE collections:


More than 4.000 worksheets for teachers, educational therapists, and other educational/health care professionals who work with children.


Designed for work with groups of children in a classroom/group, or for individual work with children with poor visual-motor integration who need directed training to overcome their difficulties!

For: teachers, educational experts


 Where: in institutions (schools, preschools, other educational or children health/care institutions)

Thousands of tasks and activities for visual-motor skills development and training.

Worksheets grouped by type of tasks or by difficulty level enable parents to choose challenging and developmentally appropriate tasks for their children and their actual visual-motor proficiency!

For: parents, families


 Where: to be used at home

Thousands of visual-motor tasks and activities for seniors (or personell working with elderly). 


BRAINSCRIBE SENIOR program provides cognitive training tasks for seniors who need to  improve/retain their visual-motor integration and fine-motor skills 

For: seniors or experts working with elderly


 Where: to be used at home (seniors) or in institutions serving the needs of the ageing population (elderly homes, other organizations serving seniors)

BRAINSCRIBE FREE - a selection of workbooks available online for free home use - is the result of our dedication to offer high quality to all children and families globally.


BRAINSCRIBE FREE resources are intended only for personal/family use, and should not be used for formal/institutional/organizational needs.

is just right for  you!

For: parents, families (Brainscribe Family Free)

For: seniors (Brainscribe Senior Free)

 Where: to be used at home


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