BRAINSCRIBE EXPERT program was develloped to be used by teachers, educational therapists and other educational and health professionals who work with children in preschool, school, special education, therapy, etc.


Schools, preschool programmes/institutions, special education programmes/institutions, other educational programmes/institutions or institutions working with children without or with visual-motor integration difficulties.


Different ways of using BRAINSCRIBE EXPERT activities

Worksheets and tasks can be used in general classroom or in other group of children to stimulate development of visual-motor integration: every child can benefit from visual-motor and grapho-motor training.

BRAINSCRIBE EXPERT activities can be used to help children with visual-motor difficulties overcoming their problems and develop adequate skills. Teachers and therapists of children with poor visual-motor integration or/and with fine-motor difficulties or/and with handwriting problems can use them to plan systematic corrective programs according to different needs of individual children.

Types of activities in the BRAINSCRIBE EXPERT program

BRAINSCRIBE EXPERT program involves different types of tasks:

  • simple copying,

  • tracing,

  • connecting (dot-to-dot, multiple dots),

  • finishing unfinished shapes,

  • chanelling,

  • solving mazes,

  • etc.

In these pen-and-paper activities children draw different objects:

  • lines (horizontal-vertical-inclined-angled; straight-wavy-zigzag; regular-irregular),

  • shapes (basic-complex; geometric-irregular),

  • paths (straight-wawy-zigzag; simple-complex),

  • etc.

To help experts easily find most suitable activities in every situation all activities are divided into 7 sections. Each sections combines a particular type of pen-and-paper activities.

Each section contains a series of BRAINSCRIBE EXPERT workbooks. Each workbook includes a certain type of tasks, from simple ones to gradually more challenging. 

Sections of the BRAINSCRIBE EXPERT program

  • Basic Copying

  • Basic Tracing and Connecting

  • Spatial Organization

  • Shape Constancy

  • Tracing Shapes

  • Paths and Shapes

  • Mazes


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