shape constancy: workbook 4.1

tracing and finishing shapes - large

Why tracing and finishing shapes activities are important

Tracing lines stimulate child’s eye - hand coordination. When children follow dotted lines with pencils or with other drawing tools, they simultaneously follow and compare their evolving lines with original ones. When they complete missing parts of shapes, their brains compare their drawing with model shapes. Both types of tasks strengthen visual-motor integration and fine-motor hand and fingers movements control. 


Worksheets and activities in this workbook

Activities and tasks in this workbook's 80 worksheets are designed for strengthening children’s visual-motor integration and basic graphomotor skills by asking children to finish different unfinished shapes. Task difficulty increase throughout the workbook in three ways:

  • with increasing complexity of shapes (from circle to more complex shapes),

  • with increasing number of missing parts in shapes,

  • with increasing length of missing parts in shapes.


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