spatial organization: workbook 4.2

drawing loops in 8x8 grid - medium and small

Why loops drawing activities are important

Drawing loops stimulate child’s eye - hand coordination. When a child draws loops in a grid and his or her eyes follow the evolving line and simultaneously compare it with the original pattern. This evaluation is followed by hand and fingers micro-movements to correct the direction of the line. The whole process strengthen visual-motor integration and fine-motor hand and fingers movements control.  


Drawing loops in grids stimulate acquisition of space concepts such as length and direction which later play important role in development of writing, drawing, and other important graphomotor and fine-motor skills. Tasks in which children copy and continue loops patterns stimulate visual discrimination, and contribute to the development of micro-movements perception and kinestetic awareness.

Worksheets and activities in this workbook

Activities and tasks in this workbook are designed for strengthening children’s visual-motor integration and basic graphomotor skills by asking children to copy or continue loop-like patterns in a 8 x 8 dots grid.

Children should not change the position of the sheet, or rotate it, while drawing. They should be encouraged to draw each line in a single stroke, without stopping or shifting the drawing tool.

Activities and tasks in this workbook range from easier to more complex and difficult ones.


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