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dr. Kristijan Musek Lešnik and dr. Petra Lešnik Musek.

Dr. Kristijan Musek Lešnik holds a Ph.D. degree in psychology. Author and editor of numerous books, textbooks, manuals, and workbooks in the fields of psychology and education.


He is curently a Chair of the Positive Psychology Centre at the University of Primorska (Slovenia), where he teaches courses in general, educational, and positive psychology. 

He is also Deputy President of the National Board of Experts on Education (Slovenia) and President of the Committee for the Education of Children with Special Needs (Slovenia).

Dr. Petra Lešnik Musek holds a Ph.D. degree in Developmental psychology and a specialization in Clinical psychology.


After starting her professional career as developmental psychologist at the Department of psychology of the University of Ljubljana, she later moved to working directly with children and families at the Department of child Neurology of the Paediatric Hopsital (University Clinical Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia). At her clinical work with children and their parents she combines her experience of a developmental and clinical psychologist with knowledge and experience she gained through her education for a family therapist.

She is an author and co-author of numerous articles and publications in the fields of developmental and clinical psychology.


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