BRAINSCRIBE facts and figures

Most comprehensive visual motor tasks collection globally

With more than

5.000 worksheets

and more than

30.000 tasks.

EVIDENCE AND Science based - brain & educational science

Based upon latest findings in

neuroscience and

developmental psychology

(see Science behind Brainscribe).


Developmentally appropriate / user friendly and fun

Brainscribe tasks stimulate

visual-motor integration development

through engaging activities

(fun and challenging tasks).

For all children

and for

children with difficulties ...

All children: every child’s visual motor integration and skills development can benefit from graphomotor tasks and training at home or in a general classroom.


Children with difficulties: hundreds of useful and engaging tasks for systematic interventions for teachers and therapists of children with visual-motor integration problems. 

... BUT also For seniors

and elderly

Ideal for seniors who  enjoy visual-motor exercise as a part of cognitive training for maintaining and preserving cognitive and fine motor skills.

​Activities can be used to help people with visual-motor difficulties as a part of systematic cognitive training aimed at improving visual-motor integration.

Designed for parents



Parental (home) use: parents can choose developmentally appropriate tasks for their children from workbooks organized by difficulty level.


Expert (institutional) use: thousands of tasks organized by type help teachers and other experts (in preschool, school, special education, therapy, etc.) providing challenging tasks for their children.




Kristijan Musek Lešnik, Ph.d.,

psychologist and education expert.


Petra Lešnik Musek, Ph.d., 

developmental psychologist,

specialist of clinical psychology.


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