BRAINSCRIBE FAMILY collection includes thousands of worksheets with pen-and-paper tasks for parents who want to support, develop, and strenghten their children's visual-motor integration and grapho-motor skills.

BRAINSCRIBE FAMILY tasks are organized in 7 sections. Activities in each section range from simple to gradually more challenging, making it easier for parents to find appropriate tasks for their children's needs and current level of visual-motor integration.


BRAINSCRIBE FAMILY tasks by sections


2 workbooks with 106 worksheets include simple copying tasks: copying circles, squares, otrher geomestric shapes.




7 workbooks with 371 worksheets include gradually challenging activities ranging from tracing dotted lines (horizontal-vertical-inclined; straight-angled-wavy-zigzag) to dot-to-dot drawing.

Spatial organization

7 workbooks with 371 worksheets include different tasks designed to stimulate the development of spatial concepts. Tasks include connecting dots with lines, connecting dots in grids, drawing loops in grids. Astivities range from drawing lines, to patterns, and shapes.

shape constancy

6 workbooks with 318 worksheets include activities such as  finishing unfinished shapes, and tracing shapes. Task are designed to stimulate the development of the shape conservation concept.



10 workbooks with 530 worksheets include a wide selection of tracing shapes tasks. Shapes range from simple ones (circles, squares, triangles), to more complex geometric shapes, and finally to non-geometric irregular shapes. 


11 workbooks with 583 worksheets include wide selection of channeling tasks. Channeling activities ask children to draw a line in the middle of the provided path, limited by two guiding lines. Activities range from simple ones to very complex.



13 workbooks with 689 worksheets include different types of mazes. Maze solving activities are designed to develop executive functioning skills and strenghten visual-motor integration and fine-motor hand and fingers movements control in children.


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