Are Brainscribe Family Free resources really available for free?

Yes! Brainscribe Family Free collection is a result of our dedication to ensure parents worldwide equal access to Brainscribe activities for their children. We decided that a collection of free workbooks is the best way towards this goal.


Do I have to pay for using Brainscribe Family Free workbooks with my children?

No. We are glad that you use them and hope you children will enjoy Brainscribe Family Free activities. We expect and ask nothing in return for it. However, if you decide to share our story and resources, and support our efforts, it would help us develop and offer new and more free resources. (Here is a link to the pages explaining how you can help.)

Can I purchase complete Brainscribe Expert, Brainscribe Family or Brainscribe Senior collection on this website?

No. We believe that educational experts and publishers in your country know best what you need the most. Therefore, we are establishing partnerships with educational publishers and experts in different countries to serve your needs best.


Brainscribe originates in Slovenia. Here are two interesting facts regarding childhood and education in Slovenia?

Fact 1: Slovenia (together with Norway) has been declared the best country for children to live in in a report by the international charity Save the Children in 2017. (link

Fact 2: According to World Economic Forum Slovenia ranks among 10 best countries for skills and education in the world (link).


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