Level 5 - Workbook 5.1

Mazes and Paths

About this Workbook

Workbook contains 50 worksheets with challenging pen-and-paper tasks for visual-motor integration and grapho-motor skills training.

Level 5 tasks include:

  • solving large mazes (9x9 to 12x12 fields),

  • solving paths mazes ranging from complex wide paths to lightly curved narrow paths.


About Brainscribe Senior Free Workbooks

Brainscribe Senior  Free series is a selection of 8 workbooks with 400 worksheets containing more than 1.000 pen-and-paper tasks designed for seniors who enjoy solving pen-and-paper challenges for maintaining and preserving their cognitive and fine motor skills. Its tasks can be used for adults who need systematic visual-motor excercise, especially in case of declining, or impaired visual-motor integration.

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