Interested publishers can adopt BRAINSCRIBE program ​through a licensing agreement. 

Licensing agreement gives the publisher the right to translate, publish, communicate and distribute BRAINSCRIBE resources.

License is agreed based on a territory (country), or based on a language/territory (particular language in a multilanguage country).

FAQ 1: Limited Volume of Language Content to be Translated

A typical BRAINSCRIBE workbook contains up to 300 words with up to 2.000 characters, making the translation of the whole BRAINSCRIBE PROGRAM simple, quick, and inexpensive.

FAQ 2: Changing Illustrations and Characters


A publisher (licensee) can use its own characters and illustrations in BRAINSCRIBE resources.

FAQ 3: E-resources or E-resources and Printed Workbooks

A publisher (licensee) is free to decide to publish all BRAINSCRIBE resources in e-format, or in a printed form, as well.

FAQ 4: Combining Tasks and Activities into new Workbooks

A publisher (licensee) can use the large BRAINSCRIBE base of resources to combine existing tasks and activities into new collections and workbooks.

Rights Available

Rights available: World, excluding Bulgaria, Poland, Slovenia.  


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