a comprehensive collection of visual-motor training resources for

developing, strengtening and mantaining visual-motor integration.

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Resources for preschools, schools and experts

For teachers, educational therapists, other educational and health professionals working with children in preschool, school, special education, therapy, etc.


Ideal for classroom/group with all children, or for individual work with children with poor visual-motor integration!

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Resources for parents

Large selection of different pen-and-paper excercises and tasks for visual-motor skills  development and training.

Printable woorkbooks enable parents to choose challenging and developmentally appropriate tasks for their children and their actual visual-motor proficiency!

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Resources for seniors

(or personnel working with elderly)

BRAINSCRIBE activities and excercises are ideal cognitive training tools for seniors to mantain or improve their visual-motor integration and fine-motor skills.

Free resources for home use

BRAINSCRIBE FAMILY FREE and BRAINSCRIBE SENIOR FREE - a selection of open workbooks available free for home use.

Contents of the BRAINSCRIBE FREE workbooks are limited to no more than 20% of the owerall BRAINFREE program contents. These resources are for home/family use only.

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